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Jul 03, 2019
Conar Successfully Re-Certifies the ISO-9001:2015 Standard
Today, at the San Martin facilities of Conar, was carried out the three-year re-certification of the ISO-9001:2015 ...
Abr 12, 2018
TPX-770 Pressure Transmitters. The Family Becomes Larger.
Conar started the production of Pressure Transmitters around 1982 and masters the "totally welded" technology since...
Nov 22, 2017
New Positive Displacement Flowmeter Series.
MacNaught Pty Ltd from Sydney, Australia has recently launched to the market a new totally re-designed version...
Abr 09, 2013
Integration of the Value Chain in O&G
During today's afternoon, an important meeting took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry where...
Mar 15, 2013
FEX-250. Multiple Innovations in our Wedge Flowmeters.
Conar has been manufacturing differential pressure flow primaries for over 20 years. Among other applications...
Mar 12, 2013
And the voice said.... Let there be light!!!
And there is light...
Jan 20, 2013
New Touch Switch for the i-LED Illuminators.
We are happy to announce a new option for our growing family of i-LED process illuminators...
Dez 20, 2012
Our Best Wishes in these Seasons
The holiday season is arriving and with it the necessary balances..........
Dez 05, 2012
Conar shows its achievements in the Oil & Gas Expo-Industry
During December 5...7 / 2012 (2:00 pm through 9:00 pm) will be open to the industry professionals the first Oil & Gas ....
Nov 01, 2012
YPF and the Industry Trade Show.
We are pleased to announce that Conar will be present in the next National Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition that will be held ...
Out 31, 2012
Out of service due to Storm Sandy.
We know that several of our users experienced problems to access our website during the early night of Tuesday ....
Out 03, 2012
AADECA-2012 is a big success.
Between today, Wednesday October 03 and Friday October 05 the AADECA-2012 Automatic Control Week will remain ....
Set 14, 2012
Two Events Free of Charge !
During the next Automatic Control Week AADECA-2012 there will be a wide variety of activities that include ....
Ago 18, 2012
Nosso novo site da Internet já está online!
Concluímos um projeto de mais de seis meses de duração quenos permitiu renovar.....
Ago 06, 2012
Conar estará presente em AADECA-2012
Com muito entusiasmo informamos que nossa empresa estará presente (uma vez mais) com.....
Jul 26, 2012
i-LED. Nova Chave de Contato
Continuamos aumentando e evoluindo com nossa família de iluminadores de processos....
Jun 26, 2012
Transmissor de Nível Redundante
Desde agora,nosso popular Transmissor Magnético de Nível LTS-1620 está disponível em.....
Mai 15, 2012
ee-Flex. Versátil Plataforma Multi-Linha
Conar há concluído com êxito o lançamento da nova plataforma de unidades.....
Abr 24, 2012
Nova Guia de Seleção e Especificação
Já está disponível para descarga desde nosso website a nova Guia de Seleção e .....
Conar Successfully Re-Certifies the ISO-9001:2015 Standard

Jul 03, 2019

Conar Successfully Re-Certifies the ISO-9001:2015 Standard

Today, at the San Martin facilities of Conar, was carried out the three-year re-certification of the ISO-9001:2015 standard by auditors from the RINA (Registro Italiano Navale).

Because this was a re-certification audit, the auditing team verified all the organizational processes with no exceptions.

By the en of the day, and with the presence of all the Conar personnel who collaborated in the event, the auditor confirmed the successful results of the verification and compliemented warmly both the direction of the company and its workers for what he called a "solidly implemented and efficiently managed" Quality System.

It is very important to point out that as result of this audit only three recommendations were issued.

Conar is certified by the ISO-9001 standard since 2004.

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