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About Conar.

Conar is a firm totally devoted to offer the best solutions available in the field of Industrial Process Instrumentation and Control.

The company manufactures field instruments for the measurement of variables such as Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature. In addition it manufactures devices for process illumination and for renewable energy education.

Besides the mentioned products, Conar has several marketing agreements with world leading firms in their respective sectors. Through this companies, Conar can supply a variety of products that complement its own lines.
Our operative policy is based in an integral concept of "Customer Satisfaction" and we make use of all our resources to offer convenient solutions (both from a technical and economical point of view) that maximize the value that our users receive.

When You trust in Conar, You may rely that You trust in a company with leading technology, committed to product quality and always ready to go an extra mile to solve successfully a given application.

We welcome all inquiries and we promise to respond in the shortest possible term.

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Products and Services

Industrial Solutions


Technical icons

This product is new and has been launched into the market or totally revamped less than one year ago.
Typically this instrument is stocked and available for delivery within 24 Hrs after the Purchase Order is placed and accepted.
This instrument, equipment or option is among the most popular within its category.
This product has one of the lowest total purchase prices, when compared with others within its category.
This product has an intermediate total pruchase price when compared with others within its category.
This product has one of the lowest total Cost of Ownership within its category. Including costs such as: Purchase, Installation, Maintenance, Operation and Calibration.
This product has one of the highest total purchase prices when compared with others within its category.
This product has one of the lowest Maintenance & Calibration costs when compared to others within its category or with products of alternative technologies.
This instrument or equipment is suitable for heavy duty service. Under this definition we may include: extreme ambient temperatures, humid or dirty installation environments, etc.
This instrument ranks at the top in Total Measurement Accuracy when compared to others within its category or with instruments of competitive technologies.
This instrument is one of the more convenient solutions within its category, balancing technical & economical factors.
Instrument available with Flameproof (Explosionproof) Certification. Depending on the circumstances, this certification could be Ex d IIB+H2 T6 (ATEX, INTI, or equivalent) and/or Class II, III; Div 1; Gropus B, C, D, E, F,G  (FM, CSA or equivalent)
This instrument is avaiblable with Intrinsic Safety Certification. Depending on the specific cases it could be Ex ia IIB+H2 T6 (ATEX, INTI or equivalent) and/or Class I, II, III; Div 1; Groups B, C, D, E, F, G (FM, CSA or equivalent)
This instrument is available with Safety Integrity Level Certification. Typically it will be SIL-2 or higher.
Instrument or equipment available with Environmental (Ingress) Protection IP-54 or higher (Equivalent to NEMA-3). Normally recommended for indoor service in industrial facilities.
Instrument or equipment available with Environmental (Ingress) Protection IP-65 or higher (Equivalent to NEMA-4X). This degree of protection is normally recommended for outdoor service.
Instrument or equipment available with Environmental (Ingress) Protection IP-68 (Equivalent to NEMA-6P). Allows full inmersion for indefinite time.
Certified (or self assessed) according to the technical standards of the European Community.
Certified by several Weights & Measures legal bodies with the purpose to be used in commercial transactions. (Custody transfer applications)
Certified by organizations such as 3A (USA), EHEDG (Europe) or equivalent in order to be used in sanitary or sterile processes.
Instrument or equipment with no moving parts.
The sensing device or active parts of this instrument have direct no contact with the process fluid.
Instrument available with some or all of its functions operating in a redundant mode. Depending on each case, this may mean that the instrument has double (or even triple): sensing unit, signal processing unit, transmission output or  control functions.
This instrument is intended to be applied in General Service applications. This may mean mild environmental conditions or operation with fluids such as Water, Air or Steam.
This instrument is suitable to be used in high temperature processes, when compared to other solutions within its category.
This instrument is suitable to be used in high pressure processes. Typically, it is considered a high pressure application when it exceeds 50 bar.
This instrument is suitable to be used in high temperature & high pressure processes. This definition is broad, but in general terms it may be understood as P>= 50 bar and T >= 300 °C
This instrument is available with a combination of construction materials (for the primary and/or enclosure) that make it suitable for service or operation in environments with corrosive compundes, such as wet Cl2, HCl, NaOCl, etc.
Instrument available with Sanitary Process Connections. Depending on the requirements these connections could be: a) ISO-2852 (TriClover, 3A) Clamp, b) Danish Union according to DS-722, c) Swedish Union as per SMS-1145, or d) DIN Union as per DIN-11851.
Suitable for sanitary Clean in Place processes. This typically means service at T >= 80 °C and with fluids such as lean solutions of NaOH, HNO3, detergents and similar.
This instrument is suitable for sterile sanitary processes with "Sterilize in Place" procedures. This typically means service at T >= 120 °C for a minimum time of 30 minutes and in direct contact with steam or other chemicals.
The primary unit (in other words, the part "wet" by the process fluids) of this instrument is available with construction in special materials, such as: Hastelloy C, Monel, Titanium, Tantalium, etc.
The primary unit (in other words, the part "wet" by the process fluids) of this instrument is available with construction in engineering plastics, such as:  PVC, CPVC, PP, PTFE, PVDF, PPS, etc.
All or parts of the primary unit ("wet" parts) of this instrument are available with special anti-corrosive linings in engineering polymers such as:  PTFE, PVDF (Kynar), PFA, ETFE (Tefzel), ECTFE (Halar) or similar.
Besides the classic enclosures made of Aluminum, this Instrument is available with the electronics enclosure made of special materials, such as: Stainless Steel, Sanitary Plastics (FDA approved) or other.
This instrument is suitable to measure all kind of fluids. According to the specifications, they may operate with: Liquids (typically with low viscosity), Gases or Steam.
This instrument is suitable to measure liquids (tipically with low viscosity) and all kind of gases.
This instrument is suitable to measure low viscosity liquids (tipically with <= 10 cPoise) and all kind of gases.
This instrument is suitable to measure low viscosity liquids (typically with viscosity <= 10 cPoise).
This instrument is suitable to measure all kind of liquids, including those with high or very high viscosity. Depending on the specific cases, these viscosities could go from as low as 1 cPoise up to 100,000 cPoise or more.
This instrument is suitable to measure all kind of gases, provided they are compatible with the construction materials of the instrumennt.
This instrument is ideal to measure Natural Gas. Typically it may be designed and/or sized according to AGA standards (American Gas Association)
This instrument is ideal to measure Cryogenic Liquids, such as liquid Nitrogen (LN2, approx. -196 °C), liquid Oxygen (LOX, approx. -183°C), liquid Argon (LAR, approx. -186°C) or similar.
This instrument is very convenient to measure wet or dry Steam. Including super-heated steam.
This instrument is suitable to measure river water, well water or other raw waters.
This instrument is suitable to measure all kind of waste water. Including raw or partially filtered sewage.
Ideal to measure clean liquids with low degree of aeration. This definition typically involves liquids with Turbidity <= 10 g/l and Gas Concentrations <= 3% per volume. (Note: Gas in Liquid will generate a positive error in volumetric flowmeters).
Ideal to measure dirty liquids or liquids with a high degree of aeration. This definition normally includes liquids with at least 75 ppm of solids or 75 ppm of gas bubbles. The minimum size of the solids or bubbles should be >= 100 uM.
This instrument is convenient, both from an economic and technical point of view, to measure in large pipes. Typically nominal sizes larger than 10". Consult the catalog or data-sheet in order to determine the maximum size available.
This flowmeter is based in a thermal technology. Depending on the specific models can be by heating the fluid (laminar flow primary  body) or by thermal dispersion.
This flowmeter works based in an electromagnetic induction technology. It is only suitable to measure electric conductive liquids, typically liquids containing water. The minimum electric conductivity should be in the range of 5...20 uSiemens.
This flowmeter has no restriction to the fluid passage (Full bore section). It is therefore, a "zero" pressure drop instrument.
This electro-magnetic flowmeter can be supplied with electrodes made of special materials (such as, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum, etc) or with special functions (self cleaning design)
The Differential Pressure Elements are a classic and very popular flowmetering technology. In these devices the flow rate is proportional to the square root of the measured differential pressure. (Calculation performed by the transmitter).
This flow flowmeter is based in the Ultra-Sonic Transit Time (Time of Flight) principle. It is a high reliability technology. Suitable for relatively clean and low aereated liquids.
This flowmeter is based in a Doppler Effect Ultra-Sonic principle. Requires relatively dirty or aereated liquids. The particles or bubbles are the echo producers.
Insertion instrument suitable to be mounted in the process piping (with no service interruptions) by Hot Tap procedures.
This flowmeter may include an additional 4...20 mA output to be assigned as Temperature Transmitter.
This flowmeter may include an additional 4...20 mA output to be assigned as Density Transmitter.
This open channel flowmeter is suitable to work in conjuction with all kind of Weir (V Notch, Cipolletti, etc) or Flume (Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, etc).
This instrument is NOT affected by the density of the liquid being measured.
This level measurement instrument is NOT affected by foam build-up on the liquid surface.
The accuracy and reliability of this instrument is NOT affected by the composition, density or stratification of the gases or vapours above the liquid surface.
This instrument is suitable to measure or control level of solids. (Coarse or fine powdered).
This transmitter with flush diaphragm is ideal to handle sanitary, sticky, dirty or with possibility of polimerization fluids. It may also include an Diaprhagm Extension in order to minimize the deposition of foreign material in the process connection.
This transmitter is available with a wide variety of hydraulic filling fluids, such as: Silicon Oil, Fluorinated Oil (Fluorolube, for Oxygen, Cl2 or F2 service) and Food Grade Esters (Neobee, FDA approved).
This instrument is suitable to operate or measure in high vacuum conditions. Usually with absloute service pressures lower than 25 Torr.
This sensor is available with compact construction (MgO) for vibration proof service.
This sensor or thermowell is available with anti-erosion lining (Stellite or similar) or in special materials (Inconel, Incolloy, AISI-310, etc)
This instrument is available with Universal Input (RTDs, Thermocouples, mV, 4...20 mA, etc). This instrument is also multi-range.
This instrument is only available with RTD (Pt-100) input.
This instrument has Galvanic Isolation (typically 1500 VAC) between the input and output circuits (or beteween the I/O circuits and the power supply, if the last is independent)
This analyzer is available for the determination of multiple gases such as: CO, CO2, CH4, SH2, O2, etc
This instrument is Multi-Variable or Multi-Parametric. This means that it can measure, transmit and/or indicate more than one parameter. Usually it will have multiple outputs or digital communication protocols.
This transmitter has a 4...20 mA (or 4...20 mA + HART) output over a two wire circuit, with a nominal power supply of 24 VDC. (Typically the voltage supply is allowed to swing between 12 and 36 VDC).
Transmitter with independent circuits for the power supply (that typically can be 24 V, 110 V or 220 V) and the signal output, that normally is (0)4...20 mA, 0...5 VCD, 1...5VDC or 0...10 VDC.
This instrument get its electric power from a Lithium battery. The battery's life span can typically go from 3 to 10 years. Optionally, It may also have an external power supply.
This equipment is suitable to be used in applications with power supply through Solar Photo-Voltaic Panels for service in remote areas.
Instrument with transmission (or re-transmission) ouput signal in the range of 4 .... 20 mADC.
Instrument available with HART digital communications protocol over the 4...20 output signal. HART is a very convenient tool for the instrument remote re-calibration, re-configuration or diagnostics.
This instrument is HART transparent. This means that it can be inserted in a measurement loop without affecting the functionality or reliability of the HART communications.
Instrument available with ProFi-Bus digital communications protocol. (Typically version PA).
Instrument available with Field Bus Foundation digital communications protocol.
This instrument is available with direct digital pulse output. These puses typically can be used for volume or mass totalization.
Instrument available with ModBus-RTU digital communication protocol over a RS-485 interface.
This instrument is fitted with an USB serial communications port. According to the different situations, this interface can be used for configuration (a special software may be required) or data download.
This equipment is available with Ethernet output (RJ-45 connector)
This instrument is available with a wireless data transmission protocol, such as Wireless HART, ISA-100 or equivalent..
Instrument available with integrated digital data logger. Typically the memory is non-volatile and the data is downloaded using a special software package through a USB, RS-232 or wireless infrared interface.
This device is available with analog control or set-point inputs. These inputs could be either 4...20 mA current or 0...5 or 0...10 VDC voltage.
This instrument is available with direct digital pulse input, These pulses can be used for totalization, F/I conversion, control or other.
This instrument or control equipment is provided with configurable analog inputs. These inputs may be Current (4...20 mA), Voltage (0...5 VDC or 0....10 VDC), Temperature (RTD or thermocouples) or other.
This instrument or control equipment is provided with high level digital inputs. These inputs may be logic levels with an amplitude of 5 VDC, 110 VAC, or 220 VAC.
This instrument or control equipment may be provided with analog outputs to be used for control or re-transmission purposes. These signals could be 4...20 mA, 0...10 VDC or other.
This instrument or control equipment may be provided with digital outputs intended for automatization purposes. These outputs could be contacts free of potential or open collector PNP transistors.
This controller is available with PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) continuous control mode. It is fully configurable and typically includes expert auto-tuning algorithms. (Can be configured to operate in On-Off control mode).
This controller available with Fuzzy Logic control algorithms.
This instrument is available with auxiliary alarm and/or control outputs. Typically these are SPDT contacts, free of potential, that can be configured for High and/or Low conditions.
Controller available with digital output compatible with external Solid State Relays (SSR)
Instrument available with control (and/or alarm) outputs by means of relay contacts free of potential. Typically these are fully configurable inverting contacts (NO + NC - SPDT).
This controller is available with 4 ... 20 mA control output. This signal is ideal to interface I/P transducers or any other modulating device (or valve) used as final control element.
Instrument available with direct output for a local printer. Typically this interface is RS-232C, RS-485 or USB. Normally it is used to print tickets or other short reports.
This equipment may have application in conventional research in the fiel of renewable energies.
This equipmet is intended for didactic purposes in tertiary or superior education.
This didactic and/or research equipment produces Electric Energy as final "product".
This didactic and/or research equipment produces a fuel (chemical energy) as final "product".
This didactic and/or research equipment accumulates thermal energy as final "product".
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