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Jul 03, 2019
Conar Successfully Re-Certifies the ISO-9001:2015 Standard
Today, at the San Martin facilities of Conar, was carried out the three-year re-certification of the ISO-9001:2015 ...
Apr 12, 2018
TPX-770 Pressure Transmitters. The Family Becomes Larger.
Conar started the production of Pressure Transmitters around 1982 and masters the "totally welded" technology since...
Nov 22, 2017
New Positive Displacement Flowmeter Series.
MacNaught Pty Ltd from Sydney, Australia has recently launched to the market a new totally re-designed version...
Apr 09, 2013
Integration of the Value Chain in O&G
During today's afternoon, an important meeting took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry where...
Mar 15, 2013
FEX-250. Multiple Innovations in our Wedge Flowmeters.
Conar has been manufacturing differential pressure flow primaries for over 20 years. Among other applications....
Mar 12, 2013
And the voice said.... Let there be light!!!
And there is light...
Jan 20, 2013
New Touch Switch for the i-LED Illuminators.
We are happy to announce a new option for our growing family of i-LED process illuminators...
Dec 20, 2012
Our Best Wishes in these Seasons
The holiday season is arriving and with it the necessary balances.........
Dec 05, 2012
Conar shows its achievements in the Oil & Gas Expo-Industry
During December 5...7 / 2012 (2:00 pm through 9:00 pm) will be open to the industry professionals the first Oil & Gas ....
Nov 01, 2012
YPF and the Industry Trade Show.
We are pleased to announce that Conar will be present in the next National Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition that will be held ....
Oct 31, 2012
Out of service due to Storm Sandy.
We know that several of our users experienced problems to access our website during the early night of Tuesday ....
Oct 03, 2012
AADECA-2012 is a big success.
Between today, Wednesday October 03 and Friday October 05 the AADECA-2012 Automatic Control Week will remain ...
Sep 14, 2012
Two Events Free of Charge !
During the next Automatic Control Week AADECA-2012 there will be a wide variety of activities that include ....
Aug 18, 2012
Our new Internet site is already on-line !
We have finished a six month long project that allowed us to revamp completely our.....
Aug 06, 2012
Conar will be present in AADECA-2012
We are proud to announce that our company will be present once again in the next....
Jul 26, 2012
i-LED. New Touch Switch
We keep growing and evolving with our family of i-LED Process Illuminators....
Jun 26, 2012
Redundant Level Transmitter
Now we can offer a new version of our popular Magnetic Level Transmitter LTS-1620 with....
May 15, 2012
ee-Flex. Versatile Multi-Line Platform
Conar has launched successfully the new platform of electronic units and field enclosures.....
Apr 24, 2012
New Selection and Specification Guide
It is already available for download from our website the new Selection & Specification Guide......
Integration of the Value Chain in O&G

Apr 09, 2013

Integration of the Value Chain in O&G

During today's afternoon, an important meeting took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry where several officials of the national government explained the plans to develop a competitive national industry capable of supplying our local Oil & Gas sector with the products that will be required to meet the challenges that will be found in the time ahead.

This meeting was chaired by the Minister of Industry Lic. Debora Giorgi and by the Secretary of Interior Commerce Mr Guillermo Moreno. The representation of the Ministry of Planning was trusted to Mr Roberto Baratta.

Among the people present there were important leaders of the O&G companies that operate in the country, senior managers of Engineering and Construction firms and many businessmen that belong to the companies that integrate the local chain of value of the Oil & Gas sector.

During her speech, the Minister Giorgi said very clearly that the final target is to develop an industry that could be highly competitive, with an important technological level and well beyond the classic "overall and worker's food supplier" model.

After that, the Secretary Guillermo Moreno explained that the function of his office was to work as facilitator between the O&G companies and the supplier industry provided that this could meet the challenges and by no means only repeat the "we want to be..." song.

The representatives of Controles Argentinos SRL, that were specially invited, followed the presentations with deep interest in the knowledge that this kind of initiative can create a strong national industry, promote the general wellbeing and most of all enable the foundations to support the technological and industrial development that is fundamental to develop the huge conventional and non-conventional resources available in Argentina.

Our company expresses its firm will to actively participate in all the three party meetings (O&G + Suppliers + Government) that will take place with the certitude that this is a valid road in order to develop products and services that could be of convenience to all the involved parts.

It is very important to point out, that for more than 30 years Conar has been manufacturing locally high technology electronic measurement & control instrumentation that is widely used by almost all the O&G companies that operate in our country, and that this activity was always in direct competence with the multinational firms present in our market.

We achieved this with a very simple recipe: Good design, outstanding execution quality and a permanent willingness to listen to our customers.

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